Tips For Your Next Tour To Kuakata Sea Beach

Planning to visit the ‘Daughter Of Sea’ again? Or maybe you are planning to visit here for the first time. You know what, you are making the right decision. Kuakata Sea beach which is mostly known as the Daughter Of Sea is a great place for your next tour.

Kuakata Sea Beach

It’s located at the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. This great tour place is located in Patuakhali district of Bangladesh. From Kuakata, you see the sunrise and sunset sitting on the sea beach. How cool is that!

You are welcome here to embrace the nature. Yes, there are better transportation and hotel service in Kuakata. So, don’t worry at all. Besides, security here is above the benchmark. There are always tour police of Bangladesh ensuring the safety of all visitors in Kuakata.

Now, here are some tips for you while visiting Kuakata.

  1. Book Hotel: There is no scarcity of hotel. But the truth is, all quality hotels are booked most of the times. So, make sure you book your room prior to visit here. In Hotel Graver Inn, you can pre-book your room from our website.
  2. Child’s Need: If you have a child or two, you need to make sure you bring all the baby products like diapers, basic medicines your doctor prescribed. Your child will be comfortable in our comfy bed, however, if you have travel cribs, you are welcome to bring it.
  3. Passport & Visa: Always keep it with yourself in safe custody. Yes, In Hotel Graver Inn, we have utmost security. However, you should keep these documents safe with you along with your cell phone and laptop.
  4. Don’t Be Alone: While in Kuakata, try not to be alone at night at the sea beach or anywhere else remote to the hotel.

We are pretty sure, you will enjoy your tour to Kuakata.Welcome to Bangladesh 🙂